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Your starting point for learning about our wheel sets.
The easiest gliding wheels this side of the moon!

Whether you have a new creeper or it’s ten years old, you'll really feel the difference! They make a vast improvement in operation over standard, hard plastic caster wheels.

Made of superior formulation
HYPER-FLEX polyurethane and uses high precision bearings. Experience little or no rolling resistance! The unique polyurethane material and design allows smooth, unimpeded rolling for indoor/outdoor ease of movement–over cracks, washers, misc. debris, etc.
Fits Most Standard Caster Assemblies. Available in red or black with Cool Side Graphics.
Rides on precision ABEC high quality bearings. Installs in a few minutes with two 5/32” hex wrenches (not included). All hardware is included.
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Energy Suspension products are only available from retailers, such as most performance automotive parts retail stores, automotive parts retail web sites, automotive parts mail order companies–and not the factory or this web site. Please contact us for the retail outlet location near you.

Just some of the uses of HYPER-glide wheels!
What is he doing?
And, why is this lady smiling???


Our personal non-human test pilot.
Take the Super Chicken Challenge!
Stage your own mechanic creeper races.
(Creeper official land speed record anyone?)
No...seriously, once you've tried your creeper with HYPER-glide wheels, you'll want to invent all sorts of races, competitions and games!

Energy Suspension ® is the innovator of performance polyurethane components for cars and trucks!

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Lots Of Uses!

Use them for: Auto Mechanic Creepers, Stools, Test Equipment, Parts Stands & Carts, and many other devices that use a rolling caster assembly.
(Note- Recommended maximum weight per wheel is 125 lbs.)

Made of HYPER-FLEX TM performance polyurethane. Our own & famous formulation that has been used on the very highest performance cars & trucks as well as extreme-duty commercial vehicles.

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